Today I basically just tried to make a decision on how I was going to get my bike and I back to Texas by 26SEP for work.  While I could have tried to ride my bike, it would have been terrible.  I would have had to just take the interstate through the desert, suffering as my bike tried to blow and traffic tried to run me over and blow me off the road.  It just didn’t sound fun.  Another option was renting a truck/suv and putting my bike in the back, but it was looking like for a one way rental, that was going to be $500 at a minimum, plus I still had to drive it and put in some long days.  Next option was flying home, flying back after I finished working, and riding my bike back but on smaller roads taking my time.  While that was doable, it meant I’d probably need to budget another week for riding, and I was kind of ready to move onto something else after being on my bike for over a month already.  So, my last option was flying home and shipping my bike.  I made an urgent listing on Uship and found a shipper that could pick up my bike on the night of the 24th.  Then I found a ticket home using United points on Thursday morning.  Thanks to United for charging me a $75 fee for booking inside the 21 day window.

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